Minecraft Hardcore – S4E14 – “WITHER SKULLIN” • Highlights

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“WHY WOULD YOU PLAY HARDCORE OMG WHAT IF YOU DIED” – well the answer to that is simple 🙂 in Hardcore Mode, EVERYTHING you do feels more significant, every decision you make has massive consequences and ultimately I feel I get more enjoyment from the game knowing that I could lose all my progress to one stupid death. Going back to Vanilla just seems boring to me… unless it’s on a server with other peeps to keep things interesting :’D

Version of Minecraft = 1.14
Resource Pack = default with DokuCraft sky (read instructions below)
Instructions :: Make sure to have Optifine installed or the sky won’t work. Download a DokuCraft pack from their official website https://dokucraft.co.uk/
Open the zip folder and delete everything except the “sky” folder inside of the “optifine” folder

Intro Music – “Quasi Motion” by Kevin MacLeod

Minecraft Skin Art Commissioned by BinOfTrash!