Defeating The ENDER DRAGON! in Hardcore Minecraft 1.19 (#10)

Hey guys JWhisp here and welcome to episode 10 of my Minecraft Hardcore Survival Let’s Play in 1.19 the Wild Update! This update adds awesome new biomes, blocks, and mobs like the frog and the WARDEN! In todays episode we successfully defeat the ender dragon in the end so that we can RAID some epic end cities to get an elytra!

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This hardcore series is inspired by Wadzee , Mythical Sausage , FWhip, notnotbrock and Farzy with their Hardcore Minecraft Series, as well as Grian and Mumbo Jumbo on Hermitcraft I like to make Giant Mega Builds , Automatic Farms , and Mining Videos. This is an Epic Minecraft Legend of JWhisp in a Hardcore Let’s Play!

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