I Spent 100 Days in DRAGON FIRE Minecraft with FRIENDS! This is what happened…

I Spent 100 Days in DRAGON FIRE Minecraft with FRIENDS! This is what happened…

Click Here to watch my friends and I spend 100 days in Minecraft exploring the DragonFire Mod! Today @SodyPoppin and @Sirud and @Swidge and @BeckBroAdam join me for what was an epic adventure! Basically we are all playing on this server with proximity chat for the next 100 Minecraft Days and a couple of mods are installed. The mod Dragon Fire adds tons of new crazy mobs not just dragons! It adds things like human lizards and giant scorpions and trees that are ALIVE! It actually adds so much more to the game… and its so cool because the dragons that it adds to Minecraft are from the movie How to Train Your Dragon… which personally I loved. Make sure to watch until the end of the video and I hope you enjoy this one! Let’s GET TO 1 MILLION SUBS LET’S GOOOOOOOOO!!!


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The original idea for this video came from @LukeTheNotable and was also inspired by Forge Labs, and RoPo! You guys are awesome 😀

Want to play a long?…

Main Mod Used (DragonFire): https://dragonfireofficial.fandom.com/wiki/Getting_Started
I also installed JEI and a Map mod as well as inventory tweaks to make things a bit easier.
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Hey! I’m Joshemve! One day I’m swimming across a lake and the next I’m spending in a Hardcore Minecraft world. This channel offers a variety of content because I do a variety of stuff! Life’s all about exploration so I hope you’ll join me on the journey! LET’S GET TO ONE MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!

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