Minecraft, but it’s a Speedrun to Find Netherite

This is my first time playing the new nether update, in the NEW Minecraft Nether Update Snapshot! Snapshot 20w07a. The idea for today’s video is playing Minecraft, but If I find Netherite the Video Ends! So it’s essentially a speedrun for netherite in minecraft! How fast can YOU find netherite?

I learn a lot about the new nether dimension, it’s brand new nether biomes and most importantly The New Netherite Ore & Ancient Debris. While I’m trying to find netherite, I thing I figure out the best way to find ancient debris in Minecraft! and the fastest way to get netherite. Watch to find out how to find netherite in Minecraft 1.16

Should I update my Hardcore world to the new Minecraft 1.16 Nether update?

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