Minecraft Now: The Warden and Mangroves

Mangrove trees and wardens are on the menu for the June episode of Minecraft Now, along with a deep dive into the Minecraft x Spongebob DLC! Our host Lydia is joined by Jasper, Cameron and Alexander, as well as special guest Rafael from Spark Universe to explore Minecraft 1.19 and more! For questions about the Player Chat Reporting Tool, more info is here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/addressing-player-chat-reporting-tool

0:00 Countdown Clock
4:49 Intro
9:21 The Warden
25:57 How to find The Warden
29:20 Mangroves
38:39 Mangrove Mini Game
44:27 You Made It!
49:15 The Warden Mini Game
57:48 Block Buzz
1:00:38 Marketplace Updates
1:14:29 SpongeBob Mini Game