Mojang Is STILL BUSY! Minecon Mob Vote News, Newest Bedrock Update & Capes! Minecraft Bedrock

News about Minecraft Live 2022, The Vanilla Cape, New Minecraft Bedrock Edition Updates, and new Bedrock Betas! It’s been a busy week for Minecraft News! Want to stay up to date with more bedrock news? Drop a like and maybe subscribe! 😀

-Latest video! Minecraft WARDEN FARMS Are Surprisingly USEFUL!?

Mojang Is BUSY! Minecraft Live News, The Next Bedrock Update & Capes!

-Truly Bedrock Series Playlist!

-Minecraft Bedrock Tutorials!


All bug report links can be found in the bug-tracker channel in our Discord:)

0:00 This Weeks News & New Cape!
0:52 Minecraft Live Mob Vote News
3:25 Minecraft Bedrock Update 1.19.30
4:11 Minecraft Beta
8:08 Minecraft Beta

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