My Viewers Apply An Effect Every 30 Seconds! Can I Beat The Ender Dragon? – Minecraft Chaos Mod

The amazing trend of chaos mods comes to minecraft! My viewers get to vote on an effect to apply every 30 seconds as I attempt to find and beat the Ender dragon. This is basically a speedrun, will I get world record? Probably.

Entropy is a Chaos Mod where random events happen every 30 seconds. The events are selected randomly from a pool of 111 (and growing) events that can be anything from meteor rain, physics changes and much more. Entropy was heavily inspired on the excellent work of pongo1231’s Chaos Mod V for Grand Theft Auto V! Thanks to Im_JC52 for making it and Kanawanagasaki Yoko for adding to it.

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Made in collaboration with Martin

Editors (On Discord)
Martin – @BobTheMartin3484
DMoDMusic – @DMoD8772
Ein – @Ein Typ ohne Gehirnzellen9964
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