New 1.17 Beta! Playerless Tree Farms, Lava Aquifers & More! Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Beta

Welcome to another Bugrock of the week! The newest 1.17 beta is here! This beta bring AFK playerless tree farms, new lava aquifers which are massive lava lakes, and tons of other bug fixes and small updates! Overall this is a polish beta, and the 1.17 update is getting very very close! I hope you enjoyed this episode of bugrock! If you did then consider subscribing or leaving a like! 😋

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Buckets instantly pickup liquids after placing them:

Bonemealing Azalea/Flowering Azalea can now grow into trees on moss:
Bred axolotl maintain their color after being placed from a bucket:
Glow squid now despawn:
Using pick block on a glow squid now works properly:
Fences and walls no longer connect to powder snow:
Players who receives negative damage will not generate absorption hearts:
Quick crafting is now possible on mobile:
Players no longer show the bow holding animation after respawning:

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