Best Minecraft Mods For Maximum FPS Boost

Use These Minecraft Mods To Increase Your FPS, Remove Lag, and Increase Render Distance. Showing Mods Like Optifine, Sodium, Nvidium and more. They All Boost Vanilla FPS and Fix Lag.
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How To Install Mods Guide:

0:00 Intro
0:15 Vanilla FPS
0:44 Optifine
1:00 Optifine FPS
1:18 Sodium
1:43 Sodium FPS
1:58 Extra Sodium Mods
2:55 Lithium
4:14 Nvidium
4:44 Sodium Lithium Nvidium FPS
4:55 More Render Distance
6:11 FastChest
7:10 EntityCulling
7:42 Final FPS Result
7:53 Fabolously Optimized
8:13 Conclusion
8:54 Outro

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