Minecraft GAME-CHANGING Update, GTA NEW Mission, Minecraft Live, GTA Mods Takedown | Gaming News 59

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In this episode of gaming news, I have talked about Minecraft’s new update, Brendan Greene’s new game prologue, GTA Mods takedown, GTA Online new update, Minecraft live 2021, Death Stranding 2 & a lot more!

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00:00 Intro
00:19 Airtel Cloud Gaming for MOBILE GAMERS with Mortal 😱
01:05 Free VPN For PUBG Mobile // Sponsored Segment
01:42 Minecraft Live 2021 Confirmed 😍
02:06 Battlefield Mobile Google Playstore Link 🔥
02:45 Most Realistic & Biggest Open-World Game From PUBG’s Creator 🤯
03:42 GTA Online Gets A New Union Depository Mission
04:17 Minecraft New Update That Changes The Game’s World
04:47 Rockstar’s Parent Company Vs GTA Mods 😥
05:22 Far Cry 6 PC Specs shows it can easily run on low-end systems
05:55 Playstation Showcase Finally Announced
06:22 Death Stranding Director’s Cut Trailer
06:51 All Uncharted Games Might Be Coming To PC
07:16 Death Stranding 2 Confirmed
07:35 New AAA Marvel Game Gameplay
08:01 Outro