Monster School: Minecraft animation

Monster School is a popular Willcraft Animations series about a class of monsters that are going to their school to learn how to be a monster properly and slightly more advanced with Herobrine as the teacher, together with a witch named Hildegarde.
Each episode is a new lesson, and the monsters are usually given a task without any instructions. Therefore they are not technically educated by their teacher, they are just put in a situation that they solve themselves, more like a test. The series is a comedy, and the monsters are often doing something wrong or just something that can be considered funny.

Herobrine – The famous Minecraft creepypasta. He is the main teacher and possibly the principal, and he often uses his powers in class, mostly to teleport the students somewhere, revive dead students, etc.
Hildegarde – A powerful witch that held the brewing lesson, invited the new students to the school and was in charge of the bus trip.

Many people have asked for the Ender Dragon as a student, but it wouldn’t fit in the classroom and there’s also only one Ender Dragon per world, so it must have been educated already.
Other fans have said that the Ender Dragon should instead be the principal of Monster School.
This is overall not needed, as Herobrine is already the principal.
Monster School is the main reason to Willcraft Animation’s popularity.
The result of the popularity of Monster School lead to:
4 fan made episodes by FireFlame682176: Farming, Building, Trading, and Enchanting, composed of two parts.
A fan made series, Minecraft Player School, by Shane which has 8 episodes: Farming, Crafting, Brewing, Fighting, Scaring, Parkour, redstone and students vs RexTheGamer. Ironically, both series by Shane and Willcraft had new students (with Shane’s series getting a new classroom).
All of Willcraft’s videos relating to Monster School (Lessons and Meet The… episodes ) had gotten at least 1 million views.
Monster School’s most popular student is Endie, evidenced by the fact that he won the voting for the Monster Santa on the Christmas episode.
Monster School’s most hated student is Zupay, due to his personality. By contrast, however, he is Willcraft’s favourite student.