Can I Survive Minecraft’s Hottest Mod?

apparently no
Mods I used:
Ambient Sounds
Realistic Water
Thirsty Bottles
all that for forge 1.16.5

Also “Complementary – Reimagined” shaders

Music used: (thank you)

Randy Butternubs – Dyalla
Satya Yuga – Jesse Gallagher
Horror Ambiance – ESN Productions
Atlantis – Audionautix
Spring Field, To Ponder, On the Island, Underwater Exploration, Wehrmut – Godmode

And last, but certainly not least

Thunder Dreams, Dark Fog, Night Music, Midnight Tale, Gregorian Chant – Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

ahah ooooo funny scary but waits its hot now minecraft mod hillarious
minecraft hardcore
yeah im still doing this