Minecraft 1.21 Is BROKEN! 30 Insane New Glitches (Minecraft Bedrock)

Everything WRONG in Minecraft 1.21 in 8 minutes or less! From infinite loot, free copper farms, giant void holes and bugs you can’t explain, Minecraft 1.21 is crazy! Subscribe for more Minecraft:)

Thanks to our community members for sending in all these weird bugs:D

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0:00 Everything WRONG in Minecraft 1.21!
0:30 Giant void holes o.o
1:00 Infinite copper farm!
1:41 Trial chambers are wild
2:41 Infinite LOOT farm!
4:18 Pacify the breeze!
4:52 So many breeze issues!
5:34 99 trial chamber issues
7:29 idek how to explain this..

Music by Argofox: http://bit.ly/2vsxAF1​

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