New 1.17 Beta! Easy Beacon Factories, Stronghold Changes, & Tons More! Minecraft Caves And Cliffs

Welcome to another Bugrock of the week! Today we explore the newest 1.17 beta for Minecraft edition! This beta adds much simpler beacon factories, changes stronghold generation, and more redstone features with powder snow! Of course there are also several bugs with the glow squids and other features! I hope you enjoyed this episode of bugrock! If you did, consider subscribing so you don’t miss the next episode! 😋

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Dispensers can’t pick up powder snow:
Glow squids don’t despawn:
Placing a water source onto a blossom deletes the blossom entirely:

Throwing a trident on a pointed dripstone block breaks it:
Skeletons transform into strays when in powder snow now:
Axolotl can no longer move on its own while playing dead:
Powder snow can no longer support scaffolding:
Players can no longer Jump on top of powder snow to avoid sinking:
Added distinct damage sounds for burning, freezing and drowning:
Minecart with command block won’t work when ‘CommandBlocksEnabled’ is false:

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