Top 25 New Mods for Minecraft 1.17.1 on Forge & Fabric – Structures, Bounties & Camping!

Hey guys, welcome back to another episode of Minecraft Mods of the Week! I might have to change the title of that though as I’m falling behind a little! These mods are from around 2 weeks ago, but I’ll work on catching up ASAP, but it shouldn’t be too big of a deal as mod releases seem quite slow right now :). These mods are for Forge and Fabric, and tested on Minecraft 1.17.1. I have a Resource Pack video in the works, and a Fabric RPG Video.

Songs: [Sleep Online – Barbatula][Aurora Borealis – Chill Cole]
Shaders: Complementary Shaders

Mod Links:
Volcanic Caverns: [FORGE]
Cosmic Bubbles: [FORGE]
Axolotl Food: [FORGE]
Anvil Restoration: [FORGE]
More Zombie Types: [FORGE]
Restored Earth: [FORGE]
Camping Craze: [FORGE]
Display Case: [FORGE]
Launchpads: [FORGE]
Launchpads: [FABRIC]
Go Prone: [FORGE]
Go Prone: [FABRIC]
Cool Elytra Roll: [FABRIC]
Simple Armor Hud: [FABRIC]
Apples and Carrots: [FABRIC]
Arcanus: [FABRIC]
Balanced Recall: [FABRIC]
Dyable Netherite: [FABRIC]
Logistical Mining: [FABRIC]
Camping Sticks:
Simply Camping: [FABRIC]
Skin Layers 3D: [FABRIC]
Visuality: [FABRIC]
Bountiful: [FABRIC]
Bed Benefits: [FABRIC]
More Villagers: [FABRIC]
Uncrafting Table: [FABRIC]
Cozy Camps: [FABRIC]

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – Volcanic Caverns [FORGE]
0:33 – Cosmic Bubbles [FORGE]
0:46 – Axolotl Food [FORGE]
1:00 – Anvil Restoration [FORGE]
1:18 – More Zombie Types [FORGE]
1:46 – Restored Earth [FORGE]
2:07 – Camping Craze [FORGE]
2:51 – Display Case [FORGE]
3:06 – Launchpads [BOTH]
3:24 – Go Prone [BOTH]
3:37 – Cool Elytra Roll [FABRIC]
3:53 – Simple Armor HUD [FABRIC]
4:05 – Apples and Carrots [FABRIC]
4:30 – Arcanus [FABRIC]
5:12 – Balanced Recall [FABRIC]
5:42 – Dyeable Netherite [FABRIC]
5:57 – Logistical Mining [FABRIC]
6:30 – Camping Sticks [FABRIC]
6:40 – Simply Camping [FABRIC]
7:11 – Skin Layers 3D [FABRIC]
7:30 – Visuality [FABRIC]
7:52 – Bountiful [FABRIC]
8:13 – Bed Benefits [FABRIC]
8:25 – More Villages [FABRIC]
8:43 – Uncrafting Table [FABRIC]
8:52 – Cozy Camps [FABRIC]
9:20 – Outro

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